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Recent content by SPflug

  1. SPflug

    Typhoon H firmware bricked

    I suspect that this uses a flashmode from the bootloader of the Microcontroller.
  2. SPflug

    Typhoon H firmware bricked

    Maybe a litte late for you, but Yunnec Europe postet this on facebook: 1. Download Software V1.28. You need this Software as a basis to start updating again. Download here: http://files.yuneec.de/TyphoonH-FC_V1.28_24_9_2016.yuneec 2. Open Typhoon H GUI Software. 3. Go to „Tools“ slide above...
  3. SPflug

    Typhoon H firmware bricked

    I would suggest to write yuneec and ask for this recovery file and the flashing manual. It seems that it helped different people before
  4. SPflug

    Typhoon H firmware bricked

    You tried the flash software from Steve Wall Morris? I read about people that got a recovery tool from customer service and successful recovered the H
  5. SPflug

    I'm A rapid Charger Newby, Heeellp !

    My comment refers to the guy in the article :) Imagine you recover the main battery of the H....
  6. SPflug

    Landing Pads

    Cool idea. Asking me if I can use a popup photo reflector for 15€. I 'll test it out tommorow:)
  7. SPflug

    I'm A rapid Charger Newby, Heeellp !

    Good article. I've done this successfull with a battery of a electric drill. But I never would use a recovered battery in an aircraft. Maybe I'm just a chicken :)
  8. SPflug

    I'm A rapid Charger Newby, Heeellp !

    ^^ good reason :) I would suggest: Place it on a fireproof underground (outdoor), define lion, 1S, max charging current of 2A and leave it alone for the next 4-5 hours. If it works I recommend a testrun before starting the copter. The voltage can break down very fast if te battery is damaged.
  9. SPflug

    I'm A rapid Charger Newby, Heeellp !

    I have edited my post above meanwhile. 1C descripes the capacity of the battery. In this case 8700mAh. The battery of the st16 can be charged at 1C (refer to the label), which means that you can use a max current of 8,7A. 1S refers to the number of cells in the battery pack. This value needs to...
  10. SPflug

    I'm A rapid Charger Newby, Heeellp !

    I assume you mean a hitec x1? X1 AC Plus Single Port AC/DC Charger | HITEC RCD USA At full charge the voltage of a lion should not go above 4,1v per cell. The 3,6V is the reference voltage. In normal Operation you don't have to take care about the voltage as it's automaticly regulated by the...
  11. SPflug

    Firmware updates!?

    If you publish all modules for it's own you get a heavy version fragmentation in the real world. Your testing effort would grow exponentially....
  12. SPflug

    Video loss when landing gear is raised.

    I suspect it has nothing to do with the antenna. It the connection would be disconnected it should reconnect relative fast. Because reastablish the connection needs so much time, I assume the Cam restarts and the DFS training starts from the beginning.
  13. SPflug

    Decoding Telemetry

    Have a Look at the Tool from H. Elsner: http://h-elsner.mooo.com/downloads/q500log2kml_en.zip It is a Tool for analyzing the logs and also contains a good Manual with descriptions of the different values.
  14. SPflug

    Yuneec.com having problems?

    The Download Server itself Works: http://download.yuneec.com/Typhoon_H/TyphoonH_Ver2.24/Europe/TyphoonH_Ver2.24_E.bin http://download.yuneec.com/Typhoon_H/TyphoonH_Ver2.24/Standard/TyphoonH_Ver2.24_A.bin
  15. SPflug

    New firmware alive

    hint: I just find out, that you don't need a micro sd card to update the st-16: It's also possible to copy the update file directly into the root of the internal flash of the st-16 via usb-cable. No trouble with the format of the micro-sd card any more :-) And it's even a little bit faster...