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  1. Subtle Shots

    5 rotor mode testing?

    Thanks...I forgot about those alternative options
  2. Subtle Shots

    Best way to charge ST16 battery externally

    anytime the controller is lower than 80% battery power I always plug it into an external high capacity portable type battery that would recharge a phone via micro usb. Found using a 2 amp output outlet i can leave the battery IN the controller. Works every time.
  3. Subtle Shots

    5 rotor mode testing?

    Thanks that could be the solution
  4. Subtle Shots

    5 rotor mode testing?

    Esc has a green check mark. But still craps out in flight!
  5. Subtle Shots

    5 rotor mode testing?

    Has anyone here sent one in for esc repair? Mine has the same intermittent five rotor warning....I land it, turn it off, turn it back on and it flies with six motors. In high winds it will fly for three to 8 minutes before same motor fails. Once as I was bringing it back in, the failed motor...
  6. Subtle Shots

    WATCH ME mode works thru clouds and trees

    I always wanted to try this
  7. Subtle Shots

    Average number of satellites seen

    I stand back twelve feet away
  8. Subtle Shots

    Average number of satellites seen

    Southern California 20 satellites
  9. Subtle Shots

    I have flipped my H on landing 3 times now. ENOUGH!

    Have you read the manual?
  10. Subtle Shots

    Team Mode... Any questions ask me...

    Hi, Have you heard or know if its possible to fly the typhoon q500 4K with the st16? Single flyer only, no need for team mode. Thanks
  11. Subtle Shots

    Typhoon H - Controller does NOT detect SD Card

    the SD card goes into the camera just below the lens. The obstacle avoidance may not work until you get it up into the air. I never use my obstacle avoidance
  12. Subtle Shots

    Throttle not responding consistently

    I just sent my H in for the second time with the exact problem. They will walk you through recalibrating the sticks to try and see what the problem is. But my throttle had the same problem twice now not sure what it is. They said they were going to replace the gimbal. So I guess they're meaning...
  13. Subtle Shots

    Whoops! There It Went! One H Gone on a Flash!

    First thought, bird attack. More realistic thought, angry sharpshooter