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Recent content by tahai

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    What do you use to transport and pack your H520/E?

    I'm still using the standard Yuneec Backpack for my H520e, but I modified the insert, so that I can transport the drone with attached "big feet" for the E30Zx zoom camera. For my cameras I use a second bag. For the external monitor I use a laptop bag. Karsten
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    Camera image on HDMI output (Kamerabild auf HDMI Ausgang)

    Connect the ST16e to the monitor and by tapping twice on the ST16e screen you can switch between camera view with and without telemetry data. In German: Wenn Du die Fernbedienung mit dem Monitor verbunden hast, einfach zweimal auf den Bildschirm der St16e tippen und schon kannst du zwischen...
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    new flights with replacement h520e after data pilot 2.0 applied

    I'm using the H520e with the E30Zx for several months now, mainly for inspection flights. So far no problems with this combination. I also didn't receive any general warning from Yuneec or from the seller here in Germany. Regarding the service time at Yuneec EU: I had a RMA service with my E90x...
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    H520E problems after update

    Yes, it seems that they sent you the DY5 for the H520. The H520 batteries have a different connection and definitely don't fit the H520e (and vice versa).
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    H520E problems after update

    I'm from Germany and bought it here. I've attached some photos of my DY5.
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    H520E problems after update

    Thanks for the step by step infos! I'm just wondering, what you mean when you write that the DY5 is not compatible with the H520e? I bought my DY5 with the H520e, because the seller told me that it's fully compatible with the H520e batteries. I use the DY5 for my H520e batteries since February...
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    E30Z camera

    Green light is on! ? H520e + E30Zx arrived 2day.
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    E30Z camera

    Just saw your post. I think I'm in the very same business here in Germany, checking and searching for opposite stations for directional antennas on cell phone towers up to 13km away. I just bought the H520e with the E30Zx for that purpose. Drone and camera will arrive this week. I'm a little bit...