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Recent content by terry griffin

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    Calibration issue

    Have been trying for weeks, I’m embarrassed to say, to calibrate the compass, but no luck. Get no sounds from drone when I try to go through the procedure. Thanks for your help.
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    Quiet propellers

    Thank you very much for your input!
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    Quiet propellers

    Thank you, but can you answer any of my questions? I’m trying to keep the peace in the hood.
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    Quiet propellers

    I would like to put “quiet propellers“ on my Yuneec Mantis Q. Can I use any of the other propellers that I see advertised? Are the prop connections universal or does each brand have its own way of mounting propellers?
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    Startup and connection trouble

    How do I ask a question about Mantis Q? After pressing drone power and holding the button down for a few seconds, it takes at least two minutes before the controller has any effect. That’s when what looks like purple lights begin to flash.