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Recent content by Tone-Drone

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    Purchasing H520

    Depends what you want it for and what your experience is. The H520 is principally a drone for surveying and is programmed for that purpose. I believe the H plus is a drone more for filming & photography. I have been using a H520 for six months, regularly, with no issues so far. It is very...
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    Accuracy of survey data

    Thanks Guys. I appreciate and agree with your comments. I have started to offer a two tier service. A 'Premium' service, whereby I will provide an accurate survey by working with a land surveyor who will set out and measure ground control points and provide CAD drawings (and at a greater...
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    Accuracy of survey data

    Hi. To the guys who are doing aerial surveys & mapping, and providing measurement data such as areas and volumes; When you provide data to clients do you qualify the accuracy, or make disclaimers about the information being provided? Without the use of ground control points the photogrammetry...
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    CAA Registration scheme 2019 (finally)

    I'm guessing most UK members are already familiar with this, but thought others might be interested; https://mailchi.mp/5faea2870694/drone-registration-update?e=eec515cf02
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    My latest commercial video.

    Excellent. Love the slo-mo, and the low angle shots complement the high level drone film.
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    New User

    I bought a Typhoon H. Crash landed it first time out, broke the camera off it's rail. Cost me £15 and a couple of hours time to fix it, including watching YouTube tutorials. Since found out a camera break can be a lot worse problem. Went out and bought a £50 drone, practiced in the park with...
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    Sefton coastline

    Beach bums and girls?! This isn't California or Florida. This is North-west England in the winter. Beach bums and girls would be suicidal to expose their sun-tans here. Yes, the gears were down. I often don't bother to raise them unless I am panning the camera. It's correct about the Woodvale...
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    Petition against the UK drone registration scheme

    I think it might be more useful if everyone replied to the CAA consultation request (although it closes today). I have replied expressing my view that the CAA already have a database of drone pilots through their PfCO scheme, and these have already demonstrated competence. There is no point in...
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    Sefton coastline

    It works on my thread. Anyone else not seeing it? Do the YouTube privacy settings matter?
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    Sefton coastline

    Hi All. Having watched many excellent geographical videos from members on this forum from all around the world, I thought it was time I put my locality on the video map. I live on the Sefton coast in North-west England, alongside the River Mersey. It's not nearly as spectacular as much of the...
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    Corrupted jpg images

    Hi folks. Has anybody seen this before, or know the reason? I shoot in RAW & JPG with my TH + CGO3+. Occasionally I get a corrupted JPG image, but the accompanying RAW image is fine. It's not a huge problem, as I normally process the RAW versions anyway, but I curious as to the problem.
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    Flying hours summary

    OK, good replies. Thanks..
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    Flying hours summary

    Hi All, Does anyone know if there's a simple way to obtain a summary total of flying hours for the Typhoon H other than downloading all the individual telemetry files and manually adding up the times? I have been flying mine for about three months now, and would like to get a total flying hours...
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    Drone Gun

    During the recent "drones over Gatwick airport" fiasco, the manager of Gatwick airport was quite vocal in the media in his complaint that there are no 'commercially available' drone defence tools. The implication seemed to be that drone defence equipment is available, but only to the military...
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    DY3 battery reading help

    That's great. Thanks for the info.