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  1. twoheadlines

    H520 Software Update Query

    Thanks for getting back, with an apology for my tardiness in responding. I have only used the 'UpdatePilot' app installed on the ST16, referring to a number of YT related videos to try and pick up whether I might have been doing something wrong. I have replaced the SD card, as a just in case...
  2. twoheadlines

    H520 Software Update Query

    I would appreciate some technical advice from brighter minds than mine about updating software on my H520. So far I have made a number of recent attempts to perform an update, which outwardly seems to be successful, until I go back to check the versions then installed for the aircraft, gimbal...
  3. twoheadlines

    Changing subscription preferences

    A message to the Moderator or the 'Sys Admin' teams. Twice I have attempted to change subscription preferences from 'daily' to 'weekly', including logging out and back in. There has been no change even though the subscriptions correctly reflect the choices made around two weeks ago. Your help...
  4. twoheadlines

    H for horse

    Sorry. I couldn't quite see where the batteries went! o_O Remember there could be take off weight limitations as well. 🤔 Safe and happy flying 👍:cool:
  5. twoheadlines

    Police drone looks for nude and topless sunbathers at Twin Cities beach

    Really!! :rolleyes: I thought the "Puritans" left town a very long time ago. :oops: Safe and happy flying - clothing optional ;) :cool: 👍
  6. twoheadlines

    Agonizing over selling my never flown H Plus.

    I can certainly empathise with your conundrum. I have an H520 which I had great aspirations for at the time of purchase, not the least of which was the ability to hot swap across different payloads. Then I ran into the problem of delay on delay, and in some cases downright BS from Yuneec (China)...
  7. twoheadlines

    Blue Angels Flyover

    I wasn't physically able to see any of the flyovers (NZ being a bit far away), but enjoyed watching a YT vid', much of the mission being filmed from inside the cockpit of several aircraft. The spectacle from a distance belies the precision flying required, with what seemed like barely a metre or...
  8. twoheadlines

    Does anyone know why everything is listed as out of stock on yuneec's website?

    I think I did acknowledge in my original post that the H520 "remained a reasonable piece of kit". To reinterpret that; I enjoy flying this aircraft very much. The all-in-one controller is really good to use, though there are some ergonomic issues. The aircraft itself can tolerate much higher...
  9. twoheadlines

    Interesting TV News Story

    Nice to see xenophobia remains alive and well, despite most the world focusing on holding the line in a battle with the coronavirus COVID-19! :confused: Happy and safe flying ;):cool:👍
  10. twoheadlines

    Does anyone know why everything is listed as out of stock on yuneec's website?

    I probably fall into a similar camp of being a "regretter". After looking at UAV options suitable for commercial use as well as being at an affordable price point (for me) I settled on the Yuneec H520. One of the biggest attractions was ease of hot-swappable payloads, rather than having to...
  11. twoheadlines

    New here

    Welcome Alan, from the South Island of a locked down New Zealand. I'm a great fan of the H520. Sadly, I'm not so impressed with Yuneec's services, though I have a good relationship with a Shenzhen based supplier for both my DJI and Yuneec needs. Apart from the many tips I'm sure you've already...
  12. twoheadlines

    Deal of the day......

    Everyone loves a bargain. Sometimes they really do come along, and if you were the 'Johnny' on the spot - right time, right place and so on - well done. My only word of caution is to take heed of "nemo dat quod non habet". A bit of latin that applies across almost all legal jurisdictions modeled...
  13. twoheadlines

    Open letter to AMA leadership concerning FAA’s NPRM for Remote ID for Drones

    Never have been an AMA member; for fairly obvious reasons. But the underlying theme of the open letter and its importance for putting a "strong", "cohesive" argument in front of the FAA potentially has implications for model A/C enthusiasts and UAS operators well outside the FAAs jurisdiction...
  14. twoheadlines

    Drone Origin Important to U.S. Government

    I'm pleased to engage in an open argument at any time. However, I believe the rules that apply on this forum are: "you play the ball, not the man". For the record; while I am on the wrong side of 65 + a couple of years, I don't consider myself to be too old. I certainly don't spend my day in a...
  15. twoheadlines

    Drone Origin Important to U.S. Government

    Your response doesn't really answer the question I have put to you. However, we do live in a free and "open sourced" society, so your arguments are free to be expressed, even if the veracity of such argument lacks the strength they should have to achieve credibility. You have made some claims...