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    Best Places to Fly a Drone Los Angeles Area? Please Add!

    Come to Antelope Valley. I'll fly with you. We have plenty of wide open areas to fly..away from buildings and is perfect for range testings.
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    Now I understand the "Fly Away"

    ERROR_FLAG_COMPASS_CALIBRATION_WARNING = 32 Sorry to hear. I am done with Yuneec. So many people are having issues with their H. If anyone wants a typhoon H for 675 shipped, PM me.
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    October 28th Firmware update - H and ST16

    After upgrading to the latest firmware and doing all calibrations, I decided to do a quick flight test in my backyard. During the first flight, it flew OK for the first 7 mins and then it started doing the toilet bowl effect. I quickly landed and performed another acc/compass calibration, and...
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    ps vr??

    it works but keep in mind that the PS4 VR requires 110v power.
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    Disable GPS prior to performing calibrations
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    Firmware update Ver 2.25 After you update post your outcome here.

    I have experienced the toilet bowl effect and received compass error message 9 mins into the flight while hovering 6 feet off the ground in my backyard. Also, motors became extremely hot. When I tried to calibrate the compass, I kept getting the white light indicating failed calibration. It took...
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    New firmware

    We're glad we could help you!
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    New firmware

    2 secs is way too slow. Try 0.5 sec
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    New firmware

    You are not doing it right. There is nothing wrong with the new firmware. When doing the binding process, you may need to tilt the AC more.
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    New firmware

    huh? i am not having any problems with the new firmware.
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    Q500 4K Distance

    How high? for best range, you will need to fly above 250 ft based on my experience. I can fly out to 1500 ft before losing video feed.
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    New firmware reduced range?

    No issues here. I have flown mine to 6500 ft out at 250 ft alt yesterday with DBS antenna. I started experiencing intermittent video feed loss after approaching 5000ft. On the way back, I experienced connection issues .. loss telemetry info, RTH kicked in. Did not regain control until the drone...
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    B&H Photo Update

    Mine is scheduled to be delivered by end of day today. $83 was a steal! I almost cancelled after purchasing an Inspire 1. Glad I didn't.
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    If you are a lawyer?

    DF, I wish you luck!
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    Firmware issues

    I am on the new firmware and just flew mine to 6500 ft out in a wide open field at 250ft alt with DBS antenna.. RTH kicked in and lost telemetry on her way back. I guess i am good.