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Recent content by WEDWay

  1. WEDWay

    This Winter Get out And Get some Good Video

    Great winter videos guys! Love 'em.
  2. WEDWay

    Spanish Sunrises

    Very nice. Well done.
  3. WEDWay

    Some Fall Colors

    How did you capture all the data at the bottom of the video?
  4. WEDWay

    Warbling Video Gone!

    After some initial tip overs and problems that broke a few Yuneec blades, I bought aftermarket blades. I was getting a warbling video shortly thereafter. I went back to Yuneec blades and my warbling video issues seem to have vanished as quickly as they came about. I have only one flight under my...
  5. WEDWay

    First Flight w/ Q500 4k with cinematic settings

    That is odd. I need to check that. Thanks for the heads up. I tend to use the app for a lot of camera settings so I do not need to take the shade off the st10+
  6. WEDWay

    Review video on iPhone

    I use the iPhone app sometimes when I am flying to set/check the camera. I have tried to preview the videos after flying and I can't get them to play. I can preview still, I can see the description and icon for the videos, but they do not play. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. WEDWay

    First Flight w/ Q500 4k with cinematic settings

    That would do it. You have 1/50?, my settings jump from 1/30 to 1/60. I was shooting with ISO100 24fps, 1/60 and had to use a ND8 to shoot in daylight. And that was at ISO100! Amazing. It looks desaturated like it was shot in RAW? I shot in RAW a few times with a little post work added, but...
  8. WEDWay

    First Flight w/ Q500 4k with cinematic settings

    What do you consider "Cinematic Settings"?
  9. WEDWay

    Mixing blades

    I am running many test trying to determine why the Jello Effect has started presenting itself in my videos. Today I attempted to balance my blades and go flying. I flew with a set of balanced blades and a set of unbalanced blades. I also secured the lens/antenna cover tightly just in case it...
  10. WEDWay

    Wobbling Video

    I am not seeing a skip in video, but I do understand what you mean. Slow cards can't keep up with the data stream. I am definitely seeing a wobble or warping of the video. A couple of nights ago I ran a new test. I few a short route in each mode and adjusted the shutter speed accordingly based...
  11. WEDWay

    Line of Site

    Found it ... thanks guys.
  12. WEDWay

    Wobbling Video

    I know I have seen some discussion about wobbling video, but I am haven't found a good answer to fix, other that sending it back to Yuneec. On that note, I only live about an hour away from their SoCal location, so that could be helpful. I but together some clips, titled for date, resolution...
  13. WEDWay

    Test Footage Using Poloar Pro ND4 filter

    I bought the Poloar ND filters and so far have been happy with them. So far I have only used the ND4 and I wish I would have bought the set with the polarizer.
  14. WEDWay

    Test Footage Using Poloar Pro ND4 filter

    What? YouTube jumped into 4K a few years back I think. I can't watch 4K because I do not have a display that supports it, but I am pretty sure YouTube and Vimeo (my preferred video host) support 4K. At least their sites say they do.
  15. WEDWay

    Line of Site

    I noticed mostly when I was taking off, thought it by be dust kicking up or heat waves. Were do you change shutter speeds. I have been looking through the menus for that and cannot find it. I do miss total control of f/Stop, Shutter Speed, and ISO like I have on my other camera.