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Jun 12, 2016
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After some initial tip overs and problems that broke a few Yuneec blades, I bought aftermarket blades. I was getting a warbling video shortly thereafter. I went back to Yuneec blades and my warbling video issues seem to have vanished as quickly as they came about. I have only one flight under my belt since I bought the new blades, but so far so good. Take a look.

I guess it does not save to go cheap on blades. Oh ... and I did balance them also.
Steady and clean nice, I need to learn how to post videos now. Older dude learning new tricks. o_O
Sometimes even the stock Yuneec props can be slightly out of balance so if you see any vibration at all before taking off on flights then it's best to check/balance if you need.
Both the AeroNaut and Maytech carbon fiber props I purchased from Frank at Carolina Dronz were perfectly balanced from the factory before shipping so I lucked out on those!
Since the stock Yuneec props are plastic and have more flex sometimes they will give you a more stable video if there is much wind. The carbon fiber ones are much more durable and stiffer so they don't flex and they do give a bit more zippy performance. I've not got any props in the videos like sometimes when it's windy and flying with the stock props.
AeroNautProp1.jpg AeroNautProp2.jpg

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