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Recent content by WernerJB

  1. WernerJB


    Are you still using SkyWard?
  2. WernerJB

    SOLD - Typhoon H

    In the US - Florida
  3. WernerJB

    SOLD - Typhoon H

    Yes I elevated the GPS module for better reception.
  4. WernerJB

    SOLD - Typhoon H

    I have a Typhoon H for sales. It was my backup drone and has maybe been flown 3 to 4 times just to test it if it was OK. Looks like brand new. Included is everything you see in the picture plus 2 batteries. No swelling on batteries. Asking for $600.00 plus shipping from 33331. By the way the...
  5. WernerJB


    The link goes nowhere
  6. WernerJB

    Evo 2 Yes or No

    I'm on the market for a new drone after 2 Typhoon H, Q500 and an Xstar. However I need reliable equipment and I wondering if following issues on the Evo2 Pro have been resolved? Shell cracking Horizon not strait FW Update issues Thank you.
  7. WernerJB

    Interesting article about French Police not allowed to use drone at protests.

    Well they might use them for other things - but for protests they are out.
  8. WernerJB

    Interesting article about French Police not allowed to use drone at protests.

    BBC News - France bans use of drones to police protests in Paris https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55411695
  9. WernerJB

    SOLD * YUNEEC Q500 4K for sale!

    New lower price. $ 400.00 plus shipping.
  10. WernerJB

    SOLD * YUNEEC Q500 4K for sale!

    This was my backup drone. I flew it maybe 3 times just to be sure it is still working fine. It comes with a CGO3 camera and 3 batteries. The batteries are buffed but I still get 12+ minutes out of them. It comes complete with the hard shell case and I'm asking for $ 550.00 plus shipping. Local...
  11. WernerJB

    Free typhoon h props. **Gone.

    I'll take them. Thank you.
  12. WernerJB

    Aftermarket propellers vs original

    I would try in England or Germany.
  13. WernerJB

    EZ Cruz

    Interested as well.
  14. WernerJB

    Typhoon H will not start GPS stuck on acquiring

    Start the GUI with Administrative privileges.