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  1. Yuneec jeep

    Controller video button

    Now repaired by yuneec under warrenty they were excellent and exceptional service turned round in one day and returned to me the next day had to pay postage one way but hey well done Maria and the team at yuneec U.K. Kept me informed by email throughout and went the extra mile to keep me flying...
  2. Yuneec jeep

    Controller video button

    Hi Has anyone experienced the video button on the 10 controller sticking worked perfect with a definitive click then went solid and would not turn on or off Is this maybe a call to the yuneec guys? Thanks Ateve
  3. Yuneec jeep

    Lag on controller

    Hi has anyone out there experienced lag on controller screen even when the q is landed it is a broken picture screen like buffering then all good once still but if there is any movement on controller same problem this has also happened to my flying mate as well but only this last week has it got...
  4. Yuneec jeep

    First flight

    Well first flight tonight after the wind dropped for first time in ages Got to say I was blown away with the control and ease of use of my Q only flight check I forgot was the ad card in camera but wife said it was a good thing so I concentrated on flying!! First time with a drone as well fab!!
  5. Yuneec jeep

    Lipo batteries

    Hi After reading a lot about the lipo batteries and how volatile they can be it amazes me that they can be sold quite frankly Question is should I be doing anything special with them when in storage or even should they be stored separate from the flight case and possibly in a metal container...
  6. Yuneec jeep

    Simulator to actual flight dynamics

    Hi has anyone experience of simulator against actual flight and is wind conditions etc realistic to actual flying I am taking my time to learn the drone before stepping into the unknown as it were any help appreciated thanks in advance!
  7. Yuneec jeep

    Is This Deal Too Good To Be True?

    In my experience if it sounds too good to be true it usually is just bought my q is new boxed and are well happy with it!! Although still on the simulator at the moment