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  • John,

    Do you know when I might get an estimate on the repair of my drone? You’ve had it since 8/18/2023 and I haven’t received any response from you since then.

    Edit: I missed your reply in my junk folder. Thank you for getting back to me and payment has been submitted for those repairs. Thank you for your help.
    John any idea on the Q500 batteries bein back in stock ? I sold my 500 to a friend told him to drain the batteries after a month he didnt fly it, so the boob drained them completely now one just keeps blinking green the other's red (error) ?
    Hello Sir)
    Could you, please, help me with the last update for the E50 camera?
    One forum member wrote probably you can give me the link on this last update.
    Thank you very mach in any case!
    Have a good day.
    Looking to find out what the 2 USB ports on the left underside (looking from the front) of a Typhoon H Plus are for,
    and are they both supposed to have rubber covers, one of mine does, not the other


    Yuneec Skins
    Yuneec Skins
    Hi Larry;
    There is 1-USB port on the Bottom shell of your H+, and 1-USB Port on your C23 Camera, neither are of any use to you, if you have Realsense then there is also 1-USB Port on the Side of the Module, they are all for Factory uses.....;)
    John do you have a c23 camera breakdown my lens will slide out when facing down ? The camera works but is blurry ?
    Yuneec Skins
    Yuneec Skins
    Thanx john cameras good to go. Used epoxy to adhere it
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