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    Q500 4k - 1080p/120?

    Hi all. I'm a "newer" drone user and have a DJI Mavic Pro, Q500 4k, and a Yuneec Breeze 4k. Anyway, while practicing with my q500, I noticed that my 1080p footage wasn't at 120fps, but rather 112.08 fps. I've looked just about everywhere I can to find a solution to this. Is this just the frame...
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    camera settings

    Thanks for the add. Hello everyone, new to both Drone flying and video. My hobby is kayak fishing and I want to take video of this. I have been asking for the Q500 for a couple of years and my wife gave it to me this year for Christmas. Two flights now around and above my house, when I want to...
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    How to change HDMI setting on ST16?

    Hi, I want to send the HDMI signal out. It works fine on 1080p monitors. But all the goggles are 720p. I saw this video that shows a setting, but I can't find it on my ST16. Probably this was an earlier firmware (I'm recently updated). I don't speak German... Any ideas on how to switch the...