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4k camera

  1. F

    Help on What Camera I Have

    Can someone please help me figure out if camera that was replaced on my drone is sane as original that came with drone when I purchased..My original camer had a silver "4k" logo and silver lining of lense,when I received replaces camrra aftsr repair,it had a black logo and lining lense.Will...
  2. A

    Stunning Footage from Yuneec H

    I was super impressed by the Typhoon H camera, its ease of use and quality are outstanding. I hope you enjoy a the clips I shot with the Typhoon H and maybe inspire you to capture your own ;) Link to footage reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ3M42qe-0I
  3. Q

    Typhoon H Timelapse Problem.

    Hello, I am new here and I have a question about the timelapse of the typhoon H. I was taking a timelapse of a house with the Point Of Interest. I let it take pictures for about 90 seconds but it only took 6 images, and the last image was crashed, split in half with green or grey background. I...
  4. X6_Gorm

    Items for sale on eBay

    Hi guys getting out of the hobby for a little while. So selling some things on eBay. PM me if you have any questions, thanks. Itelite DBS Range Extender Antenna ITE-DBS01 - Yuneec Q500 Series or DJI Phantom Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ Quadcopter Drone Bundle with additional accessories. (Set of 3)...
  5. X6_Gorm

    WANT Q500 4K camera

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone has a CGO2 (or whatever its called) 4k camera for sale?? Thanks X6