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action cam

  1. T

    Breeze 4k fps

    Hi I am currently thinking about purchasing a breeze 4k though there is mixed info on websites and was hoping to resolve it on here as yuneec hasnt gotten back to me. But my main question is does the breeze 4k shoot 720 120fps? I'd just mainly like to know because I'd like to fly it at work and...
  2. jazzman81

    Yuneec Steady Cam CGO3+ Hack

    Here's a hack for the Yuneec SteadyCam that will work with the Yuneec CGO3+. I bought the Yuneec Typhoon H drone with the understanding that there would be a hand held platform available for the drone's camera. Yuneec sells the ActionCam, but its sold with the CGO3+ and I already own a CGO3+. I...
  3. D

    Typhoon H Issues

    So I am writing in attempt to see if anyone has made more headway than I have in regards to a few different issues with the Typhoon H. 1) If anyone here uses a Mac then you've probably ran into the issue where when using any editing software available you get non stop light video skipping...