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Jun 16, 2016
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So I am writing in attempt to see if anyone has made more headway than I have in regards to a few different issues with the Typhoon H.

1) If anyone here uses a Mac then you've probably ran into the issue where when using any editing software available you get non stop light video skipping, regardless if you use proxy media or optimized media or even downgrade the resolution. Currently all I've heard is "they are working on it" and "it is an issue with the CGO3+ and how it correlates with Macintosh products".

2) Where it might have been my dumb assumption, but prior to purchasing I assumed that the steady grip or action cam was able to be utilized with the H as well. However I have been informed that it is actually a difference in the amount of prongs on the CGO3+ to where it doesn't connect properly. Yet they state they "can't say whether or not it is in development".

3) The unrestricted firmware has been said to being released "in a week" yet i'm skeptical with everything.

4) Most importantly my Typhoon H seems to not be able to exceed a distance of 1,000 ft from the st16 before losing both video and radio signal and it begins to return home. A girl with tech stated "it was normal to lose video after 1,000 ft", yet I find that hard to believe seeing as i've viewed countless footage with stock setups and they can fly a full 5,000 ft before any issues at all. Not to mention flying 5x's the distance of what I was able to without video has to be downright dangerous, not to mention pointless for accurate filming.

5) Last but not least I took the time to start up my dell to download the the GUI (graphic user interface) in attempt to isolate what issue might be happening to limit my flight distance and just like many have reported, it crashed, numerous times. I was unable to get any data before it did, rendering it useless for trying to fix my initial most imperative issue. Support simply stated that it was a known issue and they'd be happy to have me send it in free of cost to attempt to fix the issue.

So if anyone could address at least one of my issues my night would be a lot better. Cheers.
With regards to point 1. I use a mac and noticed the skipping when filming in 4k at 24/25 fps but not in 30fps. Also when playing in preview from the finder it was fine. Only when loading and exporting in FCPX did I notice a problem. Can you upload a sample?
I took the time after I initially noticed it about a week and a half ago to take it out and do a test shot in every resolution/frame rate and it did not make a difference. I as well am working with FCPX on a 2012 macbook pro 13in 8gb of ram and 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 and just so you could see what I was referring to I took some quick footage. It is much more noticeable when it is panning or orbiting, yet as you mentioned it doesn't occur during preview in the finder or quick time, just when I try and preview it in FCPX or export it. It is good to know it is working for you though, process of elimination says maybe I don't have enough ram for FCPX to run, and preview/export high res 4k footage at the same time? I just feel since I have a very clean HD and utilize a external drive for the majority of my data and make sure to have no other programs open taking up CPU it should be fine.

Let me know if you have any ideas of what might resolve this, thank you for posting.

(for some reason vimeo looks like its lowering the resolution on this clip, not nearly as clear as even why I play it in FCPX, definitely 4k/30fps, idk why)


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