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  1. J

    ST16 | What's a Good Price

    I'm thinking about getting a second ST16 to have for a camera operator to use and I'm seeing wildly different prices online. Anyone know what's a ripoff, what's a scam, and what's a good deal? See links below: $700 Vertigo Drones $370 Amazon $180 Ebay?!?!
  2. B

    Amazon's Newest Patent for Drone Deliveries.

    Consider the parachute. How long has it been around for? In a sense, it may be one of the more versatile inventions out there. It helped bring the Apollo Space capsule to an easy landing. It helped many paratroopers land without injury. Now, it is set to design to help Amazon land your smaller...
  3. jazzman81

    $94 Yuneec Typhoon H Battery (YUNTYH105) on Amazon

    I was looking for camera accessories for my TH and came across this deal on amazon. It's not sold by Yuneec directly so buyer beware (Sold by DISCOUNTED PRICES (NO TAXES)). However the order is fulfilled by Amazon so I'll be able to return the battery if I'm not happy with the quality. I'll be...