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  1. R

    Google cardboard app or similar

    Hi, I am looking for advise for using myQ500 4K with a nexus 6p. I want to put my phone into my Google cardboard. Is there any free apps that do this?
  2. A

    Follow Me does Not Work Says Yuneec Rep. Germany

    Hello fellow breezers, This morning I phoned Yuneec Germany asking them about the follow me mode not functioning. Frankly and in plain words the person on the phone admitted that it is a known fault in the app both the IOS and Android versions. This fault has nothing to do with the firmware in...
  3. B

    Breeze Bind & Start Problem

    Hi there, I bought a brand new Breeze. For about 2 hours, i tried to bind it to it’s own wifi, faced a lot of problems. Sometimes, the wifi was not even found. (I tried with an IPhone 7, ios version 10.2.1) Anyway, at a time , I succeeded to bind to wifi , made the config and tested indoor at...
  4. J

    Can't Calibrate!

    No matter what the charge of my android phone or drone battery (100%) it continuously says, "Power is lower than 20%,can not calibration. What can I do? My drone is the Breeze 4k.
  5. Chris McMillan

    New H video, Oz beach plus nice app

    Here's a vid from last weekend, taken at a nearby beach, middle of winter here and you can see the seaweed in the shallows from recent storms....edited on iMovie. Also, check out the app called "RC Logit" got some nice features for recording battery and craft flight usage. It links up with...
  6. Chris McMillan

    Worth a look at this app

    I downloaded this free app recently called Altitude Angel, and it has some helpful attributes.... Might be worth checking it out, see what you think. The Backend Drone Services Company | Altitude Angel