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battery issue

  1. uidzero

    Battery woes

    So I'm still a relative newbie on the Typhoon H scene.. yes I've had my Typhoon for a little over a year but really I've probably clocked around 50 hours of flight time. First world problems I suppose... Anyway, I noticed when I bought my Typhoon H and later another replacement battery that...
  2. F

    Yaneec power 4 issue plz help

    Just bought the brand new typhoon with two battery. I get blue blinking light when I try to charge it. I pushed it all the way down on the charger and it fits well . Also when I insert same battery into the unit all the lights on Typhoon h start blinking with beeping sound. Any idea how can get...
  3. A

    Breeze battery flashing blue (not charging)

    One of my batteries isn't charging,whenever I put it on the doc it just flashes blue rapidly. Anyone has this problem ?