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best buy

  1. gwhuntoon

    Is Best Buy a Yuneec Repair Center?

    The reason I ask, there's a Repair Center Locator on the Yuneec USA site so I thought I'd test it. My only hits were 3 Best Buys, one of which isn't even a Best Buy. Maybe a Best Buy licensed mail order store front at best. I guess I was hoping for a real licensed repair center, not a Best Buy.
  2. D

    Yuneec At Best Buy

    Nice to see multi-media Yuneec displays at Best Buy. The three locations I have visited, however, seem to give better floor location space to DJI and 3DR. Those two are located near the camera and GoPro sections while the Yuneec display is some distance away. Best Buy doesn't seem to...
  3. clackey

    Yuneec Announces U.S. Retail Partnership With Best Buy Read more: http://www.benzinga.com/news/15/1

    "We are excited to be launching a partnership with the country's largest and most recognizable consumer electronics retail chain," said Shan Phillips, CEO of Yuneec USA. "Yuneec offers options for every type of drone pilot or photographer with the Typhoon 4K, Typhoon G, and Typhoon Wizard, and...