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blue led

  1. R

    :FLIGHT LOG UPLOADED: HELP flashing main Blue LED at startup AND when entering "system settings" on ST16

    Hi Everyone, Short version: 1) Hex lost a prop and fell from 125 ft... 5 other rotors helped from complete disaster (still pretty hard fall) 2) Took home and repaired with all my box full of parts 3) During repair, I DID remove my Intel RealSense 4) Grabbed my backup CG03+ went behind house...
  2. C

    ST-16 not binding after using wizard for first time

    Hello Everyone, Very new pilot here, so please bear with me if I'm asking a pretty obvious question... Used just the wizard for flying for the first time yesterday. Had no issues other than noticing drifting and altitude loss, so I was going to recalibrate the Typhoon today. When I turned on...