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breeze drone

  1. R

    Forgot my breeze wifi password! Help!

    I forgot my breeze drone wifi password and I cannot connect my breeze to my iPhone anymore! Someone please help me on this!
  2. Omar Dairky


    I was at Yuneec in Ontario, Cali...yesterday. Got the extended antenna kit installed and also signed the no fly zone waiver...so far the antennas DO help being extended it wasnt an extra 1000 feet but i did notice a diff. with the live feed being stable along with telemetry so it was worth it...
  3. N

    Breeze 4k wish list

    Hi all, As the drone seems to be basically fine, but not everything is working well right now, I thought it might be good to organize a wish list. From my point of view Yuneec can optimize several things with soft- and firmware updates. provide a real manual mode (manual override) fix...
  4. clackey

    New YuneecPilots.com Breeze Forum

    We created this new subforum for the breeze. If you aren't familiar with the announcement, check it out at... The compact Yuneec Breeze drone is built for 4K selfies
  5. KBflyer

    Breeze promo video released by Yuneec