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Jul 1, 2016
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I got to fly one of these a couple of weeks ago at a training meeting, but was not allowed to say anything until now. Man alive that aircraft is so easy to fly, and precise!

Because it wasn't released, we were not allowed to post selfies to our FB pages, but they did immediately send to the designated private page on FB. I have to say the Breeze is truly amazing.

It's very safe too. I'd trust it with kids once they had the proper instruction from a parent or adult. The way the blades fold, it's going to be more forgiving on fingers and objects, but don't test that! None of us were afraid to set the gentle aircraft on the palm of the hand and let someone take off from there.

It is gentle to users, yes, but it's not weak! it kept station in gusts and maneuvered very responsively. Indoors we used the prop guards but nobody felt that there was any danger of hitting the furniture. The lens on the camera is great and we were all pleased with the quality of the images.

I'd say the only mishap during the entire event was when a couple of the folks from out of town found our Texan fire ants! I did try to warn them to look before stepping..
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