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  1. F

    Restore firmware after big mistake (H plus)

    Happy new Year from Sweden ! I recently bought a second hand H-Plus. Starting it up for the 3rd time I forgot to take off the gimbal protection. Instead of just ripping it off, I got brainfreeze and pulled the battery instead. BIG Mistake . Now I got a brick that can use the camera and the...
  2. Steve Carr

    Bricked ST16s Recovery

    My Plus controller got caught in a loop during boot and repeated attempts to resolve it failed. It was obvious the FlightMode app was corrupted. However, it can't be reinstalled unless the ST16 is booted. Thanks to @Haydn and @Peggy for several suggestions, I was able to find a method of getting...
  3. S

    4th of July Update Bricked ST16S

    I just started the update, and everything went fine till it was the TX turn to update. First off it said I was updating from 0.3.0 to 1.0.1 or something very close to that. Then it reboots and downloads version 0.33.0 and says that it was on version 0.0.1?? After that the screen went dark like...
  4. G

    ST10+ Bricked

    After installing new firmware, Blank screen on my ST10+. The battery is fully charged and only the power light comes on. Please Help Thank you!!!!
  5. NoCoOutdoorGuys

    Firmware 3.01 screwed up H!! Help!

    So, I tried to do a firmware update following the standard procedure. Now, when I power on the H I don't get the normal series of beeps and the LEDs don't come on. The camera light is green and connects to the ST-16. The H power light is on. Gimbal Version: V.125 Autopilot Version: N/A...