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c23 vibration

  1. Steve Carr

    C23 Gimbal Fix for Vibration

    If you have a C23 camera that buzzes or vibrates this may fix the problem. Download the attached file. Unzip (uncompress) the file. The file name should be gimbal.yuneec Copy the file to a formatted sd card that you normally use in the camera. Install the card in the camera and watch the video...
  2. JANG

    camera image shakes (video encl.)

    After updating to the latest available version: C23_C_1.1.03_BUILD822_20190312 the camera images shake very noticeably. It makes recordings useless. Is it from gimbal or drone? Any advice? Can we calibrate gimbal? Where?
  3. Peggy

    How to Upgrade/Downgrade C23 Camera Firmware for the H Plus

    Ok so here comes the detailed instructions on how to upgrade and downgrade the H Plus. Firstly you need to make sure you download each update as it comes through so that you can copy the files from the 'Yuneec OTA' folder when connected to a PC or Mac via the ST16S. I saved the very first...
  4. Chopstix Kid

    H Plus gimbal buzz

    So this evening while exploring the different pan and tilt modes indoors, it afforded me enough quiet time to notice that the gimbal buzzes and has a very subtle vibration when the camera is pointed horizontally. At the 30° up angle or at a down angle the noise stops. I found one YouTube video...