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camera control

  1. S

    Camera gimbal works but wont move

    Hello, my camera wont move, as in tilt or pan and all the connectors are fine. Should I rese it to factory settings or what should I do to try to re-boot it? It also says failure to initiate camera, but again the camera gimbal works but wont move when I use the controllers. Thanks
  2. B

    Cannot control my camera

    I just unpackaged my typhoon and the first time I turned it on everything connected, I was able to bind the camera and drone just fine but the camera gimbal just beeps and kinda shakes, 7 beeps 4 tones the 3 quick beeps. I get video feed and can take pictures and video but zero control over the...
  3. RichA

    Do you have a damaged E90?

    If any of you H520 flyers out there have damaged your E90 camera, I might be interested in it. So, if it has mechanical or optical damage and you don't have any use for it, I might be able to provide it a good home and a new lease on life! Here's some background - I'm keen on buying an H520...
  4. DoomMeister

    Breeze G3 Controller Update - Updated 10/15/2021

    I’ve seen several posts dealing with the G3 controller not controlling the camera gimbal or wondering where the update is located. The following link will take you to the download on the Yuneec Skins website. Unzip the file and read the pdf file for the instructions, but use the instructions in...
  5. N

    Camera settings

    I am a new Typhoon H owner and I have just completed the latest firmware update. I am unable to find if there is a button/switch to press or a setting that will fix my camera to face the front of the drone itself. I would basically like to rotate the drone left and right instead of the gimble so...
  6. F

    Crazy Camera control

    So I took the camera off the drone to use the steady grip. The wires broke. I am using the jumper cable. Most of time I get a green light on camera. However the feed is purple or some other wierd color. Then it might be good for a few minuets. Today the camera light stays white and no Wi-Fi. I...
  7. P

    Trouble shooting CG03+

    I bought a new CGO3+ camera for my Typhoon H Pro. I downloaded updated software, and connected everything. I get a picture but the camera will not move or rotate in any direction. Is it a loose wire or a software issue.
  8. SevenTypesOfDumb

    Camera shows video on screen, but no camera control.

    I have searched these threads and can't find anyone with this problem, so maybe it's just me. I went to use the H last night record my daughter's high school marching band and I could get the video image on the controller, but there was absolutely NO control for the gimbal panning or the...