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camera settings

  1. rdonson

    CG03+ Camera Settings

    Here are videos that take you through the camera settings to get the best results with the CGO3+ camera. My favorite method of setting a really accurate WB uses a gray card. I've been using this technique for several decades as a photographer...

    Typhoon H & Phantom 3 video - Balanced Rocks & Russian Church Roof

    I see that many of you love photography with the Typhoon more than flying around. I've been doing photography for sometime with the Phantom series and in my last few videos I've slowly been incorporating the Typhoon H into my videos. All the aerial footage in the first segment was shot with...
  3. M

    blurry footage from typhoon camera

    Hi, I've just bought the typhoon and I've imported some clips from the sd card but I've seen that the camera produces a blurry effect on the left side of the image as you can see in the attached still frame. I've recorded in 4k but I've this problem also using other formats. I would like to ask...
  4. Morten

    Fixed timeinterval photos

    Hi Guys I was wondering, is there an automatic setting to take pictures with a fixed timeinterval ( e.g. 5 sec.) during a flight (POI)? Platform: Yuneec Typhoon H Prof. GCO3 I need it to make 3D (programmetry) models, and would like a consistancy in the pictures, hence not manual shutter...
  5. T

    CG03 Shutter speed

    Does anyone know if Yuneec will be coming out with a firmware update that allows the camera shutter speed to be decreased below 1/30th. It would be awesome if we could have absolute control over the shutter speed and be able to capture night photography with max efficiency. Does anyone else...