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case for typhoon h

  1. sdsurf86

    ST16 Ground Station & Typhoon H480 backpack

    Fully functional ST16 comes with neck support and also selling a unique Typhoon H480 backpack. ST16 Ground Station - $100.00 O.B.O Backpack for Yuneec Typhoon H480 - $70.00 O.B.O
  2. dltan888

    HELP: Any case/bag for Typhoon H that meets airline requirements? Experiences? Issues? Suggestions?

    Are there any bags/cases you guys use for traveling with the Typhoon H on an airplane? I prefer CARRY ON LUGGAGE, but if you guys checked in your Typhoon H what bag/case did you also use to ensure it's safe? What Im currently looking at: Typhoon H Backpack (soft case small by Yuneec HUL...