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HELP: Any case/bag for Typhoon H that meets airline requirements? Experiences? Issues? Suggestions?

Carry-on safe?

  • Typhoon H Backpack (soft case small) by YUNEEC

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  • HUL Aluminium Carrying Case for Yuneec Typhoon H Drone with Foam Inserts

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  • Kocome YUNEEC Typhoon H Shoulder bag case

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Nov 23, 2018
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Are there any bags/cases you guys use for traveling with the Typhoon H on an airplane?
I prefer CARRY ON LUGGAGE, but if you guys checked in your Typhoon H what bag/case did you also use to ensure it's safe?

What Im currently looking at:

Typhoon H Backpack (soft case small by Yuneec

HUL Aluminium Carrying Case for Yuneec Typhoon H Drone with Foam Inserts by HUL

Kocome YUNEEC Typhoon H Shoulder Bag Case by Kocome

Hope for your suggestions and share your experiences thanks!
I would recommend a hard case. The people that load the luggage in the plane aren't very careful or considerate of what's in your bag.
If it was me I’d go with the HUL case and if possible later obtain a Pelican type outer case of the same size to use the insert in.

If you try to have one custom cut with that type of insert, which is very good, you would spend upwards of $300.00.
I just traveled to Costa Rica with mine. I have traveled for almost 30 years with tons of photography and other sensitive and valuable equipment, so I didn't want ANY problems with the drone.

I purchased a hard-sided suitcase on wheels and decided to check the drone (batteries still had to go carry-on per FAA regs). I wanted to head off any problems of trying to take it as a carry-on and then being forced to check it once on the plane. No point trying to argue with flight personnel, you may miss the trip altogether in doing so.

Here's the case I got, used it one time for this specific purpose. Was able to fit a few clothes and other items in as well, along with the Typhoon soft backpack case.


Batteries were in my carry-on in Lipo-Safe bags, then all of them in a larger Lipo-Safe container.

The only problem with the soft-case is when you inevitably board a flight that is jam-packed and they then force you to give over your carry-on to go in the cargo hold. Not a matter of if it will happen, only when.

That's why I purchased a hard-case suitcase that will fit the Typhoon case inside of it. I check it at the beginning, before being forced to do so.

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