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  1. R

    H3 CCC mission Fly Away and crash

    Has anyone else had this issue, I just purchased an H3 as an upgrade to my H at this point I am not sure how much of an upgrade it is. I have been slowly working to learn the ST16S controller and working to get the feel of the H3, I have noticed it takes a lot longer for the H3 to come to a...
  2. dondec

    CCC rapid descent crashes

    Does CCC record the position and HEIGHT of each way point? Reason I ask is whenever I create and store my Points (in Angle mode, usually 10-20 ft up, SAVE, then run that List, it goes to the 1st Point and stops as usual. I Left Up Stick to get the program going. It starts descending...
  3. Ty Pilot

    Curve Cable Cam Video

    I know there are already videos on this subject, but we were photographing a property earlier this month and I was allowed to shoot video for my own purpose. I have been using this function (CCC) more and more, and once you get comfortable with it - it really begins to open up your...
  4. D

    CCC mode issue

    After I set up a route in CCC mode and Start the route, my H goes to the first point and then just drifts around. It does not proceed to the next waypoint.
  5. G

    Curved Cable Cam

    Hello fellow Typhoon Pilots I have had my H for over a year now and have spent most of the time with it doing simple things, like filming my sons soccer games and some flood observation. I live in the Northwest side of Houston, Texas. I have decided to take things to the next level. I am...
  6. M

    UAV toolbox mission emergency terminate

    Hi all, In a mission created in UAV toolbox can you 'dump' the mission for manual flight if it looks like going tits up, i.e. heading for trees? If so how, is it just stick input? Thank you Mark.
  7. Murray Martz

    Cable Cam Editor

    This is a link to a cable cam editor. Looks like it works pretty nice. Not sure if this has been posted before or not. I just stumbled across it while looking for porn. ;) CCC editor for typhoon H - by Eric EMMANUEL
  8. S

    Path fly

    Hello everyone, I planned Thyphoon pro for a path formed by 3 points. when I start the typhoon reaches the first point and stops. how you have to do to make it go to the second point and then to the third? thank you!
  9. DronesSellingHomes

    Reasonable and safe autonomy Apps?

    Check this out & post reviews for fellow members! Hello my fellow H lovers (lol - a lot of interesting things could be substituted for Hexacopter; but get that mind back on track - ), I posted a reply to another thread and decided that it would be a good idea to start a specific thread. So...
  10. D

    Hplan - Typhoon H CCC route planning web app

    Hi guys, My friend and I have been hard at work at a Waypoint planner web app for the Typhoon H. I just found out that in the meantime another app like this popped up. Oh well, you can decide which one you like best. Flight Planner H - Waypoints Creator for Yuneec Typhoon H Please use the "?"...
  11. RBC

    Camera control in CCC mode

    I have noticed I have no control over my camera gimbal when flying in CCC mode. I have tested this with tilt control and pan control switches in all positions. It seems to me that when setting up waypoints in CCC mode, one needs to set the camera attitude (tilt and pan) at each waypoint and...
  12. J

    Curve Cable Cam

    Not have my H yet, but want to know more about CCC mode. Where it saves route points. Are they saved into Android tablet file system or into flight controller in copter only. I mean if they are saved to file system, is this file readable and it is possible to make CCC route points by useing some...
  13. C

    Cable Cam

    Hey, everyone. I was hoping someone could explain the steps on how to use the cable cam for the H. Having instructions on how to set waypoints would be awesome. Any instructional videos would be amazing as well! Cheers.