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  1. P

    Need help finding a CGO2+ Camera Housing

    HELLO! I cannot for the life of me find the housing for the CGO2+. I found plenty for the CGO3 - are they possibly compatible? Looked on carolinadronz, vertigo drones, and my local hobby shops. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Pig
  2. mattyd58

    CGO2 Camera Parts

    Hello, I'm in need of the screw-on weight that goes on rear of CGO2 camera (see attached photo). Any one have one available for sale or info as to where I can purchase this part? Any/all suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. S

    Q500+help with camera connect and calibration

    I have a Typhoon Q500+. Last year it crashed on my first ever flight and I had it fixed by Yuneec and it was a product issue, not pilot error. I never got around to flying it again. Today I tried, couldn't get it to calibrate, my friend and I thought maybe we should hit reset in the menu, now...
  4. A

    CG03 Firmware CG02+? CG02 ?

    New to Yuneec Q500 4K. Bought used from ex work colleague. Want to update firmware on CG03, but on support page for Q500 4K it only shows CG02+ STD with ST10+ firmware and CG02 STD with Q500 4K firmware. Where is the CG03 firmware? Am I missing something?