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  1. G

    CGO3 camera not tilting

    Hi, My CGO3 camera is not tilting when using my Q500 but it is working on my handgrip. I have replaced the ST10+ with a new one and still the same issue. Any idea anyone? All firmware are updated... Thank you for your assistance!
  2. S

    Night photos

    Hello, can you upload night shots from the drones, are you happy with the camera, how does it handle night time in manual mode?
  3. A


    I'm selling these because I'm selling my Typhoon as soon as it gets back from Yuneec. They are brand new never flown, the spots you see in the pictures are dust. These have no scratches or cracks $40 Shipped in the US
  4. Bob Brazell

    smart phone connection for steadygrip CG03 (no camera image)

    I'm trying to use the CG03 with the steadygrip and everything works fine except the camera screen on my phone monitor shows no camera image. All the functions are there but the screen is black. A little box pops up in the middle and says "network error" momentarily. I went to my phone Wi-Fi...
  5. Cranky Trapper

    The beeping is drivin' me crazy!

    Ok..... So a while back I had a little crash and burn with my Q5004K.... some of the wires were disconnected from the camera and gimbal. I repaired as much as I could and then took it to the shop where I bought it to solder the wires I couldn't. When I turn on the unit its still beeping the...
  6. kenny_d

    CGO3 vs x-rite

    Hi; I shot these images today of an x-rite ColorChecker. The images were shot using the daylight color balance, -2UV, DNG and at 3992x2992. The images were shot on August 22, 2016 at apx 10:30AM. Location is apx 34N, 116W. The camera's setting appear to be record DL at 6,300K +4 (Tint)...
  7. A

    CG03 Firmware CG02+? CG02 ?

    New to Yuneec Q500 4K. Bought used from ex work colleague. Want to update firmware on CG03, but on support page for Q500 4K it only shows CG02+ STD with ST10+ firmware and CG02 STD with Q500 4K firmware. Where is the CG03 firmware? Am I missing something?