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cgo3 4k camera

  1. Irula

    CGO3 Gimbal not tilting. Camera not Initializing

    Got my Q500 4k about 3 months ago (used) and everything was working perfect. After a couple test flights. Camera stop taking Photos. "failed to take snapshot" warning kept popping up in red letters on top of ST10+ screen but recorded with no problem. was working like that for 2 months and...
  2. Robert007

    CG03 + camera issues .

    I have the CGO3+ camera on my typhoon h , and tryed to connect to a CGO3 app on Google play store. Wouldn't connect . Anyone know the app that work,s ???
  3. J

    CGO3 eBay

    Has anyone bought this? Is it legitimate? The low price is keeping me from pulling the trigger on it. On eBay 60 sold, but no comments. CGO3 $219. Brand new. YUNEEC CGO3 4K 3-Axis Gimbal Camera for Typhoon G & Q500 4K Quadcopter | eBay
  4. S

    VLC player help

    I've mounted a second camera in my CGO3 and I'm using the 903W transmitter which uses an app called WIFIAV to play video on android or apple. I'd like to play it with VLC player on Windows 10 PC but I can't seem to get something right. I can play the CGO3 in VLC player by using the CGO3's WiFi...
  5. Robert007

    cgo3 camera,

    my first time flying my Yuneec Typhoon h drone. And the video was very bad , choppy , video not smooth. Jumps around. The micro SD card is the same one that I used in my cgo2 , and it worked great. Is it issues with the cgo3 , cold 50 degrees weather. Or ?
  6. P

    CGO3 camera has solid red LED

    Hello, I am new to this forum. A few days ago I received my Typhoon Q500 4K drone. After starting up the ST10+ could not connect the camera. Also the wifi connection doesn't work (blinking wifi sign). On the camera the LED glows solid red. This status is not documented. Can someone help me solve...
  7. T

    Q500 Minor Crash - CGO3 Problem (PLEASE HELP!)

    I had a minor crash yesterday. Nothing broke except a prop. The gimble wires also became detached. I didn't think anything of it and merely plugged in the cord from the bird to the gimble that came with it when purchased. Everything fired up fine. The CGO3 calibrated perfectly. I took it back...
  8. S

    Power connection for cgo3 4k wifi module

    Please,tell me what to do power connection for wifi module ? Thanks.