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compass error

  1. B

    All kinds of warnings , no gps ect .

    I just bought another H , maiden voyage I'm trying out the POI , and no sooner as I get it up and running (this also happened in manual flight to) I get a warning ' Land immediately re-calibrate compass" this happened a few times, and on the last flight it also said "collision avoidance...
  2. Tiburon

    Very good experience I need to share

    I was flying the Typhoon yesterday and when I returned the Copter for landing I noticed that it was not 100% stable anymore and drifted to the left or right to find its position. I lowered the Typhoon for hand catching and then I got my first "compass failure" warnings. But nothing happend...
  3. D

    Compass Error Observations

    I have been messing with this TH Real Sense for the last few hours and have the following observations, and wondering if anyone else that has these brutal compass errors has noticed any of these things.... GREEN HOME DIRECTION ARROW: When I power on the motors, before take off the home...