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  1. NWSaint

    Best place to compass calibrate...

    Ok, seen many videos of where to calibrate.. the main guy i've been paying quite a bit of attention to on U-tube is Jeff Sibelius, as seen below.. the only thing I didn't like was that he did it with the GCO3 attatched.. but a couple things have crossed my mind.. 1). the last place I cal'd...
  2. R

    Q500 Keeps Requiring Compass Calibration

    Hello, I recently crashed my Q500, using "smart" mode I ran into a tree. I have replaced the shell and everything looks good in the Q500 GUI. My problem is that each time I power on my Q500, I get a yellow/orange flash indication a compass issue. I have done pretty close to 100 compass...
  3. Cyberawe

    Calibration mode won't start for gimbal or compass and my typhoon h is brand new

    Got my typhoon H pro yesterday. Flew without calibration and it wasn't wanting to descend from high altitude which freaked me out but it came down very slowly eventually. It's hovering was a little shaky so this morning I tried to do the compass calibration. Went outside used app to face N and...
  4. CzarMark

    Calibration Issues / Compass Module Replacement

    I am having a low success rate of calibrating my Breeze. To date, I have only successfully calibrated twice out of thirty attempts. I am not confident in those successes, however, as one occurred on a concrete patio approximately six feet from a metal table, and the other occurred indoors. Most...
  5. S

    Typhoon H Pro Becomes Unstable at 14.3V

    Hello all, I just bought my Typhoon H Pro kit a little under a month ago from best buy. First and foremost i LOVE this drone. My first drone ever and I no doubt made the right choice after many months of research. It pains me to post about this not even a month after purchase but I need help...
  6. D

    Compass Error Observations

    I have been messing with this TH Real Sense for the last few hours and have the following observations, and wondering if anyone else that has these brutal compass errors has noticed any of these things.... GREEN HOME DIRECTION ARROW: When I power on the motors, before take off the home...

    Typhoon H - How to Calibrate the Compass