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crashed typhoon h

  1. Murray Martz

    Help for new H owners

    This will be very simple and straight forward. Just how many drones do you believe Yuneec has sold globally, only yours? Do you honestly believe that a company that has sold as many as they have globally, do not have others with current issues that they are looking at or have currently on the...
  2. I

    Gimbal gone crazy

    hi i recently crashed my typhoon h. landed on the camera, bent the gimbal arm, cut the slip ring wires and shorted the little white fuse(marked with a K) on the power distribution board inside the drone. i have replaced the slip ring and gimbal arm and replaced the fuse with a 5amp one(kinda...
  3. D

    Crashed Tyhpoon H after update

    After updating my typhoon H firmware I took it to an open field to test the update everything seemed fine until I tried to land, the typhoon jerked violently and flew off.. I eventually caught it mid air and cut the power. I done a full calibration and drone seemed to fly fine. The next time it...