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customer support

  1. C

    Removing no fly zone restriction?

    Has Yuneec completely abandoned their US customers? I need the "No-Fly Zone" removed so I can fly my drone for work. I have a 107 license and permission from all authorities required, but Yuneec has not returned a single request, email or call in 2 months. Also incredibly worrying to call an 888...
  2. A

    Yuneec Support

    So my flying career with a Parrot, it suddenly quit mid air and was dead, thinking that their support would get it fixed. After 8 weeks of them wanting more and more information about the damage i gave up. Someone told me about the mantis q, how good it was. On the first flight it went haywire...
  3. Rubik

    What happened to USCS?

    I tried to send Yuneec USCS an email today (as I've done several times before) and this is what I got twice: "This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed permanently: * [email protected] Reason: Permanent Error" Has anyone...
  4. DoomMeister

    Yuneec Customer Support?

    Is customer support any better on their more expensive products, or is it as lousy as their support for the Breeze? I’m using the customer portal and it takes forever to get a response to a query. The only good part of their support is that they don’t offshore their phone support to another...
  5. Arkansas Pilot

    Horrible Yuneec Support

    After waiting 30 minutes to talk with Yuneec Customer Support Rep, finally tried to explain what happened. When I was finished, he treated me like do-do and twisted what I said to the benefit of Yuneec. I explained that I had problems taking off in Smart Mode and he did explain the 26 foot...
  6. S

    Excellent Yuneec Customer Service

    I have a Phantom 4 and a Typhoon H Pro. I love both. I have received superb customer service from Yuneec. Way beyond my expectations. I do not like the fact that the H climbs to 10 meters when you switch out of Angle mode. I usually fly at low altitudes. This resulted in my H climbing into an...
  7. C

    Drone School of Hard Knocks

    Ok, my first drone, Typhoon Q500 4K, is turning out to be a BLAST as I learn how all the various technologies come together to provide an exhilarating flying experience. I direct a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) camp for young people. I'm always looking for new technologies to...