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  1. AeroJ

    Dashware Tutorial - Flight Data Video Overlay

    We can use Dashware in several ways to overlay telemetry from our aircraft over the video they record. I will cover 3 such uses in this article. 1.Simple Setup Overlays heading, altitude, speed, and other geo-data on a precompiled video, meaning final output is from dashware. 2. Advanced...
  2. Rural-Geek


    Hi folks I just released yesterday my site WebFlightPath.com - Home where you can upload you flight logs and get lots of informations on your flight sessions, like Google Map 2D flying path, Google Earth 3D Replay, Flight interactive data chart, Time cumulative data. For each uploaded csv file...
  3. Morten

    Dashware vs Typhoon H logfiles

    Hi ! I have been battling issues with the use of Typhoon H logfiles, up against Dashware, and have (almost) given up. I have been watching Youtube and read numerous forums, but all is connected with the Q500 and does´t work properly. I have installed ST2Dash, tried converting the logfile...
  4. C

    dashware fixed, but not fixed!

    ive been fighting with dashware forever now, and just got the older version to work, but wouldnt render a video because 4k was too hi-res, caused it to crash. now i have the latest dashware and its supposed to "fix" the not working with windows 10 business....except now the gpx files i converted...
  5. Wileytrigger21

    My first video w/ telemetry

    Some footage of my H flying around a local creek. I used help on this forum to use dashware. Synching the telemetry to the video is a PITA if you don't record your takeoff! My favorite part is when the blue heron flies through the shot.