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  1. Chris McMillan

    I'm starting a new Yuneec "H" Group

    It's going to be called the "Yuneec Waiters Club" You can only join if you've paid money for something that was supposed to be delivered weeks ago, and you've been given no updates or apologies or offers of goodies and future discounts to show their sincerity, whilst this interminable...
  2. Chris McMillan

    Please tell me this is a really old FB post

    Just noticed this on a Facebook link...I just hope it's not current.... As I write this, it's showing the post is 16 hrs old. I thought we were past this point, surely they've left China? Anybody speak Italiano and can follow this back and see it's origin. I hope it was put up by a DJI...
  3. Chris McMillan

    More H delays... In Oz

    Sorry to be the bringer of frustration for H aficionados in Australia.... Just been chatting to my best new friend in the Company that imports Yuneec for Australia, and the news is grim. The units have not even left China yet, as of today. It will be at least a 4 week transit from there. So...
  4. Chris McMillan

    For the long suffering H customers

    How about this for an idea. I for one am heartily fed up with the behavior of the Yuneec PR dept. As I sign of appreciation for the delay they have put us through, (with, at the moment no sign of an actual concrete delivery date) ...... How about they offer everyone who has preordered a unit...
  5. Chris McMillan

    Importers info on the "H"

    Well people, if you live in the US, the news is reasonable, if you happen to reside in Australia, its disastrous. I've just put the phone down after a chat with the Australian importer, and been advised ..... Wait for it..... Are you sitting down?.... Delivery expected end of May. They haven't...