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  1. JMolter

    How to get DNG files to show up on computer?

    I recently got the Typhoon H and plugged the SD card from the camera into my computer for the first time... The videos play no problem but the pictures won't show up and will just say I have to install additional codecs for the file to work. I've read online that a lot of people just open up the...
  2. Ty Pilot

    CG03+ DNG - JPG Comparison & Video

    A couple weeks ago we we're shooting a property that was a somewhat difficult job. For one, the house was surrounded by trees which made the aerial part tough from a flying standpoint but also the realtor asked me to get a specific shot showing the front entrance garden and landscaping and in...
  3. J

    DNG as Default Format

    Is there a way to make the Typhoon H never take JPEGs ever again? I was working a job for a client today and when I landed to switch out the battery it switched back to JPEGs instead of DNGs. So now most of the images I am sending are lower quality that what's ideal (and 16:9 instead of 4:3)...
  4. Rubik

    My Favorite Place to Fly

    This was shot late in the day with my Typhoon H and CGO3+ camera. Note the rush hour commute backup and Mt. Rainier on the left. The TH is 400' above ground. There is still a slight haze due to forest fires nearby. You can see how we are losing good valley bottom farmland to industrial...
  5. Rubik

    jpg vs dng

    This is a really hard subject to discuss on this forum. I can't show you my .dng files without converting them to .jpg. In fact, I've found that the viewing software has a significant impact on the quality of the picture that I see. For example, in Windows 10, I have "Windows Photo Viewer"...
  6. R

    Why are CGO3 still-photos so poor?

    I'm perplexed by the CGO3's performance. The camera produces great video at low ISOs when using the "Gorgeous" setting. But still-photos often come out poor, even when using DNG. The lighting is flat, colors are somewhat washed out, and the overall image is not that sharp. I have tried adjusting...
  7. F

    CGO APP Problem - DNG files

    Hi to all, i'm trying to use the steadygrip with my CGO3 camera,but in the picutures setup, when i chose the output format and select the DNG the app freez. If i try to exit the menu and return to the camera view there is no preview, it's all just black screen. Does anyone know how to solve this...
  8. A

    Maiden flight down, questions!

    Hi all, I just got my Typhoon H today and did some light flying and tested the camera. Sorry if there already is a thread for this, i didnt see it. Everything seems to be in order for the flight side, but i do have some serious questions regarding the image. First and foremost: why is the...
  9. P

    Night time tests of camera (CG03+)

    Yesterday I went out after the storm had subsided. I've had the Typhoon for quite some time, but I've never really gotten around to testing the low light capabilities properly. So here are the videos of me doing so. And to round it all off : here's a still image I took in DNG. Can't...

    VIDEO Camera Features - Histogram, Burst, Timelapse, Panoramic, Exposure, File Format

    I had to time play with the new camera settings on Sunday and put together this video showing all the new camera features on the Typhoon H.