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  1. dronefisher

    What Happens If The SD Card Is Too Big?

    I recently bought a used Q500 -- my first Yuneec -- off Facebook marketplace. The guy said it was too complicated for him to calibrate and maintain, so it had been sitting for years in the box... Already love this beast. I have several questions that I appreciate any input on, given that this Q...
  2. S

    Drift and not landing properly

    Had the H since the end of December and recently I've had very bad drift and this last flight out I couldn't get it to land. I was down stick hard and it was fighting to rise up. I grabbed it but couldn't get the props to idle and had to red button it until it stopped. I did all calibrations...
  3. Joseph Corrado

    H drifting with rudder turn.

    Im getting an odd drift when I'm a quarter turn on the rudder. Calm winds. Compass calibrated. She starts a turn fine then starts driving off in the direction of the turn. Anyone seen this before and if so is it an easy fix?
  4. S

    Jerky and unstable Typhoon H Pro - need your comments

    I am en experienced aircraft pilot and have gotten into drones about a year ago. I have had a Phantom 3 and now have a Phantom 4, 4 Professional Plus, the Typhoon H Pro and several Parrot drones including Disco. I have my Typhoon for about 3 month. From the get go, after all calibrations etc...
  5. Mark Ewing

    Unstable Flight Indoors

    Just got the Breeze, having some issues. This is my third quad in 9 months, so I'm a beginner, but not a newbie. When I fly in doors it tends to wander, needs constant correction. The wandering is very inconsistent in speed. Some times it will just drift, others times start to fly off at walking...
  6. G

    Typhoon H Crashed by the sea

    Hi, An unfortunate incident occured when i wanted to fly my H over in Vietnam. I lost control of it and it drifted away from me in the wind and crashed in the sea. Basically i think its gone and fried. So im thinking is there any way i could by the drone off anyone (just the drone) or is there...