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  1. Eagle's Eye Video

    Forum Procedures: Posting Video / Posting eBay Links / How to Send a Private Message

    Video files cannot be directly uploaded here... first, you must upload video to a common video site such as YouTube or Vimeo. When you post to these sites, you need to set the visibility of your media to "Public" or "Unlisted". Setting to "Private" will block the video from showing up here...
  2. J

    ST16 | What's a Good Price

    I'm thinking about getting a second ST16 to have for a camera operator to use and I'm seeing wildly different prices online. Anyone know what's a ripoff, what's a scam, and what's a good deal? See links below: $700 Vertigo Drones $370 Amazon $180 Ebay?!?!
  3. J

    Use OEM Propellers

    I expect to hear a round of "no duh" remarks but I'm posting this as a PSA. Public Service Announcement: Cheap propellers are VERY tempting but they are not the same quality as the Yuneec blades. I had one split in half while flying today. The half-blade that remained shook the drone...
  4. skwty

    **UPDATED PRICE!! Typhoon Q500+/ST-10/CGO2+/Steady Grip/Case/3 Batteries+++

    For sale on eBay. Priced for a quick sale. Upgraded to the Typhoon H recently and have not had a use for it. Great package for the beginner. $550 in Paypal today = shipped tomorrow! Please see UPDATED eBay link below for full description! Share with anyone you think is looking for a new...