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Forum Procedures: Posting Video / Posting eBay Links / How to Send a Private Message

Eagle's Eye Video

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Oct 16, 2016
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Video files cannot be directly uploaded here... first, you must upload video to a common video site such as YouTube or Vimeo. When you post to these sites, you need to set the visibility of your media to "Public" or "Unlisted". Setting to "Private" will block the video from showing up here. Also, Vimeo has a setting, preventing remote site embedding... however, in this circumstance, a clickable link will be shown to view on Vimeo's site.

To subsequently embed or link that uploaded video, click on the ellipse to the immediate right of the smilie icon, when in the main posting textbox, as shown below:

Click on "Media" from the dropdown menu as shown...

Copy and paste URL from the video site you previously uploaded to... click "Continue".
Direct links to eBay do not work from this board... to post a link to eBay requires a couple of steps. Below is an example of a typical eBay link...


There's a lot of extra coding in there that should be removed...

Delete all after the question mark, to get just the primary URL:


Then click on the ellipse to the immediate right of the smilie icon... choose "Code" from the insert dropdown menu:

In the dialog box that comes up, first choose "HTML" as the code language, then paste the primary URL into the text box directly beneath the code type:

Click "Continue"... it will end up looking like this:


That resulting URL can then be easily copied and pasted by readers into a new browser tab...
Private messages on this board are called "Conversations". There are 2 ways to start a conversation...

At the top right of the forum window, there are 3 icons...


To the left, is your avatar... to the right is the bell that indicates new replies or new reaction scores on your posts. In the middle (indicated by the arrow) is an envelope... that is your "Conversations" history.

NOTE: If you do not see those 3 icons, scroll back up to the top of the page.

Click on that envelope to view your conversation history... to the right of the resulting popup window, will be the option to start a new conversation.

You can also start a conversation, by hovering your mouse on any member's name, in the information panel to the left of any post, that member makes:

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