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  1. abant

    Does Yuneec Europe still exists?

    The problem with the drone appeared about six weeks ago: After the software update ST16 does not receive telemetry from the drone. To solve it I sent a drone (H520) for repairs to "Yuneec Europe" to Germany. Today marks exactly one month from the date of shipment. Drone is still with them. Once...
  2. J

    Breeze WIFI will not connect to Samsung Note 3 in Italy

    I got the Breeze for a long awaited vacation to Europe. However when I got here, my Samsung Note 3 does not connect to the Breeze wifi. I tried several things, put it in airplane mode and turned the wifi on, restarted the phone several times, uninstalled and reinstalled the Breeze Cam app...
  3. JohnL

    EASA Draft for Restrictive Rules for RC Pilots - UPDATE

    This post is aimed at my European cohorts. Just saw a short vid from Lee over at Painless360. In the vid he talks about about another YouTuber named Simon Dale, who has kindly taken it upon himself to become the pointman in this ridiculous and outrageous issue currently being mulled over by...