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  1. yosemite41

    Video Recording Files

    After recording a 22 min 4k video on the SD card, then uploading to my computer I found 5 files 4 at 5min each then 1 at 2 min. How can I change this to 1 file 22 min long? Sorry for the dumb question but I just got my typhoon h about 1 month ago. Thanks.
  2. Y

    Something wrong with SD card / ST16

    Hello dear Forum, Every time, after my (so far) successfull flights, I put the SD card into the ST16 slot to review my recorded footage. Now recently, i started having major issues with the video content. While reviewing videos, i suddenly started seeing somehow crazy images that look like the...
  3. Chris McMillan

    SD cards, ST16 and CGO3+- Difference?

    Hi gang, Too much time here to think, by product of not having the H yet. I'm intrigued by the SD card situation, one in the camera and another in the ST16. I presume they serve different purposes? What does each card store? I've seen one report that you can access data files on the ST16 by...