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  1. mbernholdt

    H plus C23 filter thread, and other questions

    Ordered the plus RS so still waiting for it to be delivered. But in the meanwhile, I might as well get all the accessories I need. Does anyone out there who has received the plus can tell me the filter thread size or just confirm it is 40.5mm? The second question which might seem weird but...
  2. T

    HOBBYTIGER YUNEEC Typhoon Q500 4K / Typhoon H Filter (ND4/ND8/UV/CPL)

  3. K

    SOLD - Typhoon H, H Pro, and Q500 4k Compatible 5 Filter Set

    For sale, a brand new Ultimax 5 piece filter kit. Got an extra for Christmas, so I don't need a second set. Brand new, never used, includes the pouch, UV filter, variable ND2-ND400 filter, Circular Polarizing filter, and lens cloth. Originally sold on Amazon for $20 here...
  4. Y

    Are there ND filters solutions

    hi I just got one and was wondering if there is any ND filter solution out there? And can someone please confirm that a nd filter comes attached to the lens out if the box or am I missing one? And lastly, is it ND1? Thanks