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firmware for st-10

  1. R


    st10v01.01b42c does anyone know of a link to obtain this firmware version for my ST10... it has options for a CGO3 and GoPro... thanks,
  2. Murray Martz

    Centering cross

    I read the forums today and saw that the cross hair was removed with an update. I bought mine Dec 31 2016. Did the update 5 days ago. Went on first flight today ( not the first flight of the drone, but the first flight since the update ). Realized it was gone. So after reading the thread about...
  3. C

    ST-10 not recording

    NOT GETTING ANY DATA ON THE SD CARD IN MY ST-10+ I purchased a 64GB card, formatted it with fat 32 and installed it behind the battery. After flying and recording video and stills I keep coming back with a blank disk. I did some searching on this site and I saw something about firmware that...