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first impressions

  1. Favid_Darace

    Precursor to my first Typhoon H flight

    Hi guys! I got my typhoon h pro over the break for Christmas and I have a few questions before I begin. 1. What do I need to do before my first flight? 2. What do you recommend for accessories? 3. Any tips You have so I don't do anything stupid? I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and read a...
  2. photomike72

    New flier and owner, first impressions and a few questions.....

    Hi all. Everyone here has been really great and I totally dig the new bird. It is really easy to fly and inspires confidence almost immediately. I've got the Pro and just trying to figure it all out. Updated the firmware as soon as I got it out of the box. 2 flights so far and this thing is a...