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Precursor to my first Typhoon H flight

Dec 31, 2016
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Hi guys!
I got my typhoon h pro over the break for Christmas and I have a few questions before I begin.
1. What do I need to do before my first flight?
2. What do you recommend for accessories?
3. Any tips You have so I don't do anything stupid?
I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and read a ton of reviews and am so happy I bought this drone! Thank you for any help I receive in advance


Ah man...a comprehensive answer would take ... good grief.

All the answers are already on this forum. Slow yourself down. See the little Magnifying Glass at the top right of every page? That is Search. Search for your topics, on at a time, and read through all the more recent ones on each topic.
This may take you a few hours in total, but all your questions will be answered.

The Typhoon H is easy to fly but at the same time a complicated tech item.
Once again, slow down, take your time. Go through our Sticky thread at the top of the Typhoon H Help section.

What country are you in? Never mind, I see you're In the USA.
May 10, 2016
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Melvin Michigan, In the thumb
What Ray said, plus.
1) first flight BIG open field, resist the urge to fly out of your back yard.
2) Do not start the first flight in SMART mode. If you are not far enough away from the H it may suddenly and violently fly up and away from you to get what it thinks is 26 feet away.
3) Use Angle mode, fly the first battery or two close in maybe 50 feet or so altitude, 500 foot distance.
4) for the first few flights, be on the ground or landing when battery voltage reaches 14.8 volts. You can go lower later.
5) When landing HOLD the left stick FULL down until the motors idle.

One step at a time, fly safe fly often.

Eagle's Eye Video

Global Village Idiot
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Oct 16, 2016
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Albuquerque NM
Questions for your questions...

Is this your first RC or drone? If so, you are in a similar situation as me, back in September. Had just started exploring the
possibilities of the drone world, and the H is becoming a good solid platform... but there is an investment in there. As well
as potential risk to people around you.

You should consider doing the following:

1) Despite your excitement at getting the H, do not fly it yet. Go out and spend $50-60 on a nano size quad copter
at any local hobby store. Consider it a training drone, that is small enough that you can fly around a room in your
house or apartment. You will get time in using the controller and getting used to the stick movements that you
can apply to flying your H at a later time. The nano quad can be flown around indoors and you can bump it into
walls or the ceiling without risking damage to a $1200+ drone. I spent my first month, before even ordering the
Typhoon, buzzing the nano around my apartment.

2) Spend $30 on the Yuneec Simulator. The program can be downloaded for free from Yuneec, but to use it
on your PC, you need to purchase the wireless USB dongle that connects the program on your PC, to the
ST16 controller. Using that simulator will give you some time using the ST16 controller that you will use with
your Typhoon... but again without risking the H. It is very effective in acting as a transition between the nano
drone and the H. You can practice (and crash) the simulator all you want, without risking your H. It's also great
to use to get some flight practice in when weather conditions preclude flying the Typhoon at all.

3) If you can find a local drone flying club, go out with other flyers... despite differences in features and brands,
the principles of flying will be the same. For me personally, this has been the hardest in my area and has slowed
my own learning.

4) Keep reading these boards... there's a wealth of information here, with many members willing to help.
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