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flight time

  1. S

    H520 Maximum Flight Time

    So I am having a real dickens of a time finding where the actual max flight time for the H520 is. The closest I can come is the generic specs that google returns, but nothing on its actual max flight time. In theory as long as it gets a constant supply of power and data it will just hover away...
  2. A

    Flight Times

    Hey all, I've been flying my H multiple times a day the past couple days, and while I know I've not been flying in the most efficient manner, I would expect my flight times to be at least a little longer. I've always been landing my H at the first low battery warning, and out of all of my...
  3. 3

    Very short flight time with new batteries

    I purchaced my Q500 4K before the summer holidays. I've played around with it and gave it some really quick test flights in my backyard. After gaining confidence with the simulator i decided to do my first real flight in an open area a week ago. Sadly both stock batteries died after just 5...
  4. B

    Expanding ST16 battery life

    Has anyone tried to extend the battery life on their ST16 by using a USB battery pack/power bank? I've tried a couple of times to charge the st16 while operating using the external battery packs. I can get the battery to maintain its current charge but never actually charge. Last time I tried...
  5. G

    Duration of Tornado H920 Plus flight time

    Hi, I bought a Tornado H920 Plus I'm very disappointed with flying times far below the 24 minutes advertised by Yuneec. With three batteries the flight time is only 9 minutes and with two batteries the flight time is 12 minutes after which I get the low battery message. Yuneec told me it's just...
  6. Chris McMillan

    Anyone tried this idea when flying?

    Been reading a lot of posts re battery life and flying time. I thought it would be a good idea for some sort of timer that reminds you (with announcements) at various intervals of how long you've been airborne. I know you can look at the screen for voltages etc, but sometimes a backup system is...
  7. Will

    ST10+ reads Typhoon battery incorrectly

    I have a major question. I charge my batteries and balance them to 4.2 per cell. So I have a total of 12.6 when my batteries get off the charger. I have charged them and plugged them directly into my Typhoon G. On the ST10+ my battery levels are 12.2 to 12.3 every time no matter what I do. This...